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Atico export manufacturer and exporter of educational lab equipment, college lab instruments manufacturer, vocational training equipment supplier, electronics lab trainer manufacturer and school science lab supplies.

We manufacture a vast range of laboratory equipment which we are supplying in many countries around the world mostly including middle-east and western African countries. Our range of manufacturing and supplies lab equipment includes; physics, chemistry, biology, mechanical, civil and technical labs as heat transfer, mass transfer, momentum transfer, thermodynamics and irrigation water lab equipment etc.

Our educational laboratory equipment are used in school, college and educational teaching laboratories. Below are our lab products cataloged in their respective categories.

Educational Lab Equipment Manufacturer

Advanced technocracy offers Educational Lab Equipment for commitment of most trusted brand worldwide. We are the Scientific Lab Equipment Manufacturer and provide top quality and durable instruments, which always enhances the client’s faith in our products.

Our instruments are user-friendly, easy to use and risk free for international supplies and uses. Our products meet the international quality standards for educational institutions and research centers.
All superior equipments are available together under the umbrella of Atico export suppliers. No matters in which country you are Just contact us online and get your package through our best and fast services. You don’t need to think about warranty or guarantee as we are the manufacturer of long lasting and brand products. Moreover client can get the services of warranty or guarantee as based on the product range and firm’s rules. So never hesitate to contact us. We are glad to provide our best service.

Testing Lab Equipment

We are Manufacturer & Exporters of Testing Equipment, universal testing machines in India. We provide all kind of testing machines including torsion, impact, tensile, compression, civil engineering, bitumen testing, asphalt, aggregate, cement, concrete, soil, material and sand, cable, mechanical, electrical engineering, leather, paper, pulp, card, footwear, Spring, Hardness and Fatigue.

Material Testing lab equipment

Atico Export is Manufacturer and Supplier of Material Testing Equipment. We provide Digital Impact Test Machine, Tensile Strength Tester, Plate Load Test Apparatus, Spring Testing Machine, Torsion Testing Machine and many more.
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Rockwell hardness testing equipment

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Universal testing machines

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Site Investigation Equipment

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Engineering Lab Equipments

Our technical equipment section mainly works on manufacturing of standard and custom engineering laboratory equipment including fluid mechanics equipment.

Educational Trainers

It requires just a few important number of equipment and tools when it comes to setting up an electronic lab for your school, college of any other teaching laboratory.

Educational Breadboards

In Bread Board Trainers, Atico Export is Manufacturer and supplier of D S P Trainer, Digital Communication Trainer, Digital Trainer Board, Power Electronics Lab, Electricity Lab etc.
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Embedded / Microprocessor Trainers

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Robotic Kits / Trainers

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Educational Motors & Machines

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Research Lab Equipment

Exact supplies are crucial for working in any kind of laboratory, be it a center for researchers and developers or a production environment for creating different chemical mixtures for commercial and industrial use. Reliable and inexpensive, laboratory equipment from Atico Export comes with detailed instructions for setup and use, as well with high-tech functionality.

Clean Room Equipment

Manufacturing of Clean Room Equipment like; Positives Pressure Module, Portable Clean Room, PCR Workstation, Clean Room Pass Boxes statics, Clean Room Pass Boxes Dynamic etc.
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Laboratory Test Chambers

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Sterilization Equipment

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Lab Microscopes